Customer Reviews

Mr. B’s to the rescue!

I don’t know what I would do if Mr. B’s were not around. They were very fast to respond to our basement flooding issue when our sump pump failed. Very professional and knowledgable on the proper procedure of handling the job. Plus they were easy to work with our insurance company and claim.

Chris Claghorn

We were very pleased!

Thank you for cleaning our carpets. We were very pleased! Hope your move went well! We moved yesterday & happy to be here!

Thanks again! We’ll call you in the future for carpet cleaning!

Linda Baller

Prompt, courteous, professional and generous service…

Dear Randy,

Thanks for your prompt, courteous, professional and generous service. I truly appreciate all you did for us.

Wayne & Amy

The carpet looks great!

Thank You!! The carpet looks great!

Scott Mills

Quick action

Thank you for your quick action and doing a great job of getting the water dried up in our basement.

Les Gerber

Appreciate all the time and effort

Dear Randy,

Just a note thank you for all you did to help me out with my “flooding”. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put forth in both situations. I realize how fortunate I am compared to so many others, so it really meant a lot to me that you took time for my minor inconvenience.

Thanks again so much!

Amy R.

Prompt services!

Thank you for your excellent prompt services! It has been good to work with you. Thank you for your generosity to our son Andrew, and his business.

Betty & Jim V. W.

You all did a wonderful job!

Thanks again for all your help. You all did a wonderful job!

Ben & Brandi Nagel

Great job of saving the carpet

Thanks so much for the great job of saving the carpet at 6515 Old Trail Rd. It looks amazing! The house is for sale now and hopefully it will go quickly and I will be out of the rental business. Hoorah!

Thanks again!


The carpet looks great!

The carpet looks great! What a wonderful job you did – Sue and I are so very pleased!

You will absolutely get our endorsement and our friends who want a carpet cleaning done professionally. I am so glad Terry told us about you.

We look forward to seeing you the next time, and we will get back to our normal regular cleaning schedule.

Blessings to you!

Craig Anderson

Can’t ask for better people

Been using Mr.B’s for 9 years can’t ask for better people and better service than what they provide.

Nicole Taylor

Outstanding attention to detail

Several weekends ago my basement flooded. I didn’t discover it until noon the Monday after, and by that time my new carpet was covered an inch and a half deep. I called Randy Buuck with Mr.B’s Services in Ossian, and he and his crew were at the house within 35 minutes.

I can say I have never seen a more efficient crew. They immediately set to work carrying boxes and furniture upstairs and quickly began vacuuming the water out. Randy stayed long past 6:30 pm that evening until the situation was well under control. Leaving industrial sized blowers behind, he checked in before going home each evening that week until he was sure the drying process was complete. He arranged for the carpet to be restretched and tacked down, and left more blowers to combat moisture in the drywall. To finish, Randy came back one more time to freshen the carpet with shampoo.

With outstanding attention to detail like Randy’s, I am very happy to recommend his services to anyone with water damage anywhere. Many thanks, Randy Buuck!

Linda Honegger

Thank you for a wonderful job!

Mr. B’s,

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job you did on my carpets. I witnessed yesterday another company doing a friends carpets and it didn’t even compare to your services. The “other company” didn’t even sweep the carpets before they started. They didn’t even scrub them like you do. They just used the suction hose. They did her living room and bedroom and it only took them about 20 minutes. They were in and out so quickly I was shocked. You spent so much time tending to my carpets, I appreciate that. Your price for all you did to mine was $5 more than what she paid them to do her carpets. They didn’t even rake it when they were done. I told her from now on she needs to use Mr. B’s, he’s awesome. Thank you again for a job well done.

Michelle S.